Thyssen Mining and Sovereign International have joined forces in order to increase the potential of their areas of expertise.

Thyssen Mining is a leading innovator in introducing new technology and methods to the mining industry. Sovereign International is a world leader in water sealing technology. The Sovereign-Thyssen Joint Venture allows each company to use the proprietary products and methods of the other in order to develop new methods for solving difficult problems in the mining industry.

This cooperation allows the Joint Venture, through access to the engineering talent and database of both companies, to improve and modify existing methods by using Sovereign’s proprietary materials to eliminate or reduce water inflow considerations in current designs. This in turn, creates the ability to increase the application of existing methods and to reduce their cost. An example would be the use of Sovereign’s NOH2O Emulsion Grout in lieu of ground freezing in sinking new shafts through water bearing formations.